Learning Management Specialist

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Job Description

Job Type: Full-time

The Learning Management Specialist will work closely with the Operations Coordinator and Director of Corporate Initiatives to support the company in reaching operational excellence and maintaining efficiencies. The Learning Management Specialist must be highly organized, adaptable, detail oriented, digital savvy and have an eye for training and course design. Responsibilities include ownership of company Learning Management System (LMS), creation and upkeep of courses and learning plans within company LMS and supporting the company with training needs.


  • Learning Management System (LMS) ownership – 50%
  • Policies & procedures course creation/upkeep – 30%
  • Field training support - 20%


Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Help set up and tailor internal LMS to align with the organization’s requirements.
  • Creation and coordination of courses and learning plans based on similar educational activities/skills by job family
  • Responsible for monitoring progress of learning plans as assigned to users
  • Responsible for generating reports for key stakeholders
  • Understand learning analytics to help identify trends
  • Enforce attestation requirements
  • Assign and Reassign learning plans, certification, recertifications, and/or individual courses in accordance with company policies
  • Understand how learning plans/modules help employees progress through their career path
  • Maintain well organized documentation about learning plans
  • Work with the Operations Coordinator on updates, additions, and deletions pertaining to learning plans and/or courses

Policies & Procedures Course Creation

  • Work closely with Operations Coordinator on creation of policy and procedure courses within LMS
  • Maintain all course content to ensure accuracy

Field Training

  • Support Operations Coordinator with field training for new hires and continuing education


  • Energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivator
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Proven copy writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to work well both one on one and with a team
  • Adaptable, flexible, quick to adjust to change
  • Experience in software support for learning tracking software preferred
  • Digital savvy
  • Familiar with uploading, editing and navigating learning software
  • Proficiency in Multimedia content design (images, photoshop, PowerPoint, audio/video)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office preferred
  • Training experience preferred


  • Minimum 40 hours per week
  • Travel: You will be required to travel to all Kotarides properties as initiatives are implemented and/or training needs arise. Anticipated travel will be approximately 15% of your time.
  • Must be available to work at any company property on a temporary basis
  • Flexible schedule/remote work available with tenure and proven job performance

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